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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yellow Squash Soup - (Sayur Labu Kuning)

Ingredients :

1 lb yellow squash chopped 1/2" dice
1 tsp lime juice
1/8 lb dried shrimp washed, and
ground coarsely, (optional)
1 tbl fish sauce
4 cup light coconut milk mixed with
lots of water
1 cup heavy coconut milk
1 3/4 oz basil leaves
Salt to taste
1 tsp granulated sugar
4 x red chilies
1/2 tsp freshly-ground white pepper
1 tbl ground lemongrass
1/4 tsp shrimp paste
6 sm shallots

Method :

* Pour the lime juice over the chopped squash. Let it stand for at least 10 minutes.
* Put the light coconut milk in a heavy stockpot and bring it to a boil. Pour dried shrimp and spice paste (grind all spice ingredients finely). Put the squash into the mixture. Let the squash half-cook and then pour in the heavy coconut milk. Stir for a few times until cooked.
* Lastly, put in the fish sauce and salt. Before serving, put in the basil.
* This recipe yields 5 to 6 servings.

by http://fooddownunder.com/cgi-bin/recipe.cgi?r=279467

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