Coto Makassar

Coto Makasar, a traditional food of Sulawesi Selatan, has been familiar in our archipelago. The relationship is much closed with soto babat (tripes soup) from Madura, soto Tegal, or soto Betawi because the seasoning consumed is almost similar but it is not remove special character of this food at all. Beside the characteristic is consuming rice water, it is cooked in a wok made of ground/ground wok called korong butta or uring butta and processed with rampah patang pulo (40 kinds of seasoning).

Observed from the history, Coto Makasar has a background of advance culinary science because it is usually served at formal events in palace. Fortunately, nowadays the enjoyment of this food is not only tasted by upper circle in palace, but also by common people. Chinese tradition influenced the process when Chinese merchants livened up Bandar Makasar in 1538-1556. Consuming sambal tauco as complement in serving Coto Makasar is a proof. Adding ketupat (rice caked boiled in a rhombus-shaped packet of plaited young coconut leaves) can fill stomach up more. You can try appetizing recipe below.
Coto Makassar Recipe


* 300 g beef sandung lumur
* 750 g beef innards (intestines, tripes, livers, kidneys, lungs)
* 2000 cc stock
* 2 tbsp coriander, fried without oil
* 1 tsp peres jinten (caraway seed/cumin)
* 5 cloves garlic
* 5 grains kemiri (fruits of candlenut)
* 3 tbsp cooking oil
* 4 stalks serai (lemongrass/citronella), crushed
* 4 citrus leaves
* 2 tbsp salt
* Pepper
* 3 tbsp peanuts, fried and grinded
* 2 stalks leeks, slice thickly
* 2 stalks celeries, slice thickly

Sambal Tauco:

* 4 tbsp tauco (fermented bean paste used as condiment)
* 2 cloves garlic
* 5 chilies
* 2 tbsp cooking oil


* 2 calamondins
* Fried onion


1. Boil beef until it is well-done, separate between well-done beef and the stock. Add water in stock until it reaches 200cc. Boil beef innards until it is well-done, take them out and drain. Cut beef and innards beef into small pieces.

2. Boil stock while coriander, cumin, pepper, garlic, and kemiri are grinded. Heat cooking oil and cook grinded seasoning in some oil until it is fragrant.

3. Put seasoning into boiled stock. Add serai, citrus leaves, and salt.
4. Put beef and innards beef in. Add grinded fried peanuts, stir until it boils. Add leeks and celeries.

5. Sambal tauco: Grind tauco, garlic, and chilies. Sauté at higher temperature, take them out, and drained.
6. Serve it when it is still hot in a bowl gather with the complements and sambal tauco. Adding ketupat is preferred.

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