Beef Black Soup (Nasi Rawon)

Jakarta, (Nasi-Goreng) - Rawon or Rawon Rice (because of often served with rice) is a meal consists of special spicy beef soup because of containing keluak (fruits of kepayang tree used as a spice). It is not only known as special food of Jawa Timur but also as special food of eastern Jawa Tengah (Surakarta region)

Commonly, beef consumed in rawon is cut into bite sized pieces. The very special spicy soup of Indonesia is grinded mixture of spices, and then cooks in some oil till it is aromatic. Then this spice put into boiled stock along with beef. The special dark/black color of rawon comes from keluak as prime spice. It is served with rice, completed with small bean sprouts, leek, chips, and sambal.
Rawon Rice Recipe

* 500 g beef sandung lamur
* 3 chilies, remove the seed
* 1 part terasi
* 6 onions
* Salt as necessary
* 1 roasted tamarind as big as kemiri
* 2 tsp coriander
* 2 keluak (friuts of kepayang)
* 1 part turmeric
* 1 part galangale
* 1 stalk of serai (lemongrass/citronella)


* Rice
* Sambal taoge (bean sprouts sambal0
* Egg of salted fish
* Jerked meat
* Shrimp chips
* Bean Sprouts Sambal
* Grind red peppers, terasi, and salt, then add some small bean sprouts. Mix them.

  1. Clean beef and boil it rarely, remove and cut into small pieces.
  2. Grind spices except serai and galangale then sauté at higher temperature. Put grinded spice into boiling beef, add serai and galangale. Cook until beef becomes well-done.
  3. Serve in hot. Put some rice into a bowl, pour rawon, and add cut of egg of salted fish, fried jerked meat, bean sprouts sambal, and shrimp chips.
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